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E-Lap is a Software For Clinical Labs to maintain record of patients with accurate test reports. Easy to handle, Fast Implementation, Completely customizable with own Tests and formulations.

1/. Patient Entry2-Working2/. Select Test
3/. Minimize Chances of mistake
4/. Enter Test Results
5/. Enter Note in Test Report
6/. Enter Detailed Notes
7/. Maintain Patient Records
8/. Calculate Test Wise Commission
9/. Calculate Commission in (%)
10/. Track your money flow
11/. Daily Summary, Test Wise Counting and collection, Date Wise Report Count and collection, Doctor Wise No. of reports and collection
12/. Test Wise Comparison
13/. Doctor Wise Comparison
14/. Date Wise Comparison
15/. User Permission
16/. Create your test
17/. Create Test Groups
18/. Doctor's Commission and more...

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